Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sewing Projects

While my camera was away at the shop, I got a few small sewing projects done.

This is a cute little zipper bag.  You can't tell from the photo - but it's a tiniest little thing.  It would be good for make-up.  I think, next time, I'll attach a strap.  This was so easy, though, if you have everything you need.  I think it took me 30 minutes, tops.

Magoo was invited to a birthday party of a female friend from school.  Her parents said she was into arts and crafts so I made this colored pencil case.  (This project is in SouleMama's book, The Creative Family.)  She makes hers with felted wool so you don't have to turn it - but I already had this fun fabric so mine might rate as slightly more complicated on the sewing scale - but only slightly.

Then I decided that I needed a kicky little summer bag - just something for my cell, wallet and keys.  I'm getting good use out of this IKEA fabric that I bought on sale.  It's a little heavier canvas.  I have to get back there and buy some more - I love this stuff!  The design is modified from this tutorial.

I'm having so much fun sewing little bag.  I wonder who's birthday is coming up???


äiti said...

Hey, my half-birthday is coming up ;-)

I haven't gotten through all of The Creative Family yet, but this project caught my eye. Yours came out great---I love the print of the fabric.

And, yes, that Ikea print is great. I love that it actually looks different in the two pieces you made.

Did you make something else with this fabric?

I love the kick-around bag. Love it.

You may have knitting envy, but I have sewing envy big time!

Julie_c said...

Hmmmm - a half-birthday, eh?