Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tire Swing

It's a rainy day today - well, it started out rainy.  I think it's shifted to damp now.  But I thought I'd pull out a couple picks from the weekend of the new tire swing.  Taking snapshots of my little Tarzan on a moving object turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but some of them turned out cool.  Like this one.
I never could quite catch a smile though.  But trust me, he was smiling.
See, smiling eyes.

Although I have no pictures of this, yesterday, Magoo and I went to see Nim's Island at the movie theater.  I love movies and Magoo loves them too.  It was fun to sit, just the two of us, in an otherwise empty theater and share some (home-popped) popcorn and watch his little eyes take it all in.

In some ways, he's such a big kid.  But seeing that small body stretched out in the huge chair, he was still my little boy.


äiti said...

A movie with mom on a rainy day (with home cooked popcorn!), a tire swing, and all the rest of it---what a quintessential childhood this boy's having :-)

It all sounds so wonderful.

Did you guys see Horton Hears A Who? The kids and I went to see that with some friends. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did, but it was still fun for all.

Julie_c said...

I kept asking him if he wanted to see Horton and he always said no.

But he does want to see Speed Racer, so we're in discussions on whether or not he can handle it. We saw the big screen preview at the movies and Magoo definitely seemed into it.

äiti said...

I was completely surprised that I loved the preview for Speed Racer as much as I did. The look of it is simply luscious.