Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Visit to the Farm

We're having a gorgeous week.  And it's a good thing too, because it's April Break and I have to keep us both entertained.  Yesterday, we met up with some friends at the farm.  

Before we left, I thought, "I wish I had my camera."  Then I saw that I hadn't yet returned my neighbor's camera - so I re-borrowed it.  Te he.  So here's the farm.  Most of the animals were out in the field.  What you see in the lower right corner is a black sheep in a white T-shirt.  I can't say for sure why the sheep is in a T-shirt, but my theory is that b/c it's black it doesn't absorb the heat like the white sheep do.  (Because they weren't wearing T-shirts.)  Or maybe it's just very fashion forward? 

Here's Magoo walking the line.

If there's one thing that Magoo is very sweet about, it's sharing.  Magoo is going through a growth spurt right now.  He's eating, eating, eating.  So I make sure to bring along a snack.  His buddies didn't have a snack so he was very nice to give out his chips.  I don't think I was this generous when I was five.

I love this shot!  We found a lovely little clearing in the woods outside the farm and the kids all just ran around in there.  I think we all really enjoyed the sunshine and the feeling of nature and Spring.  This image just captures it perfectly.

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äiti said...

You can take some of the credit for the way he shares you know :-) He is a sweet boy.

I love the picture of him "marching"!