Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bags, Glorious Bags

In continuation of The Year of the Bag - I made one out of the Bend the Rules Sewing book (with slight alterations.)  This is a slightly more complicated bag than I usually make - well "complicated" might not be the right word.  How about "time consuming."

Instead of just one panel in front and one panel in back, you have 5 panels that have to be stitched on both sides.  It's not hard, it just takes some time.  But I love the little punches of color and I really like the handles.  It never occurred to me to put a funky fabric on the insides of my handles before.  I suppose that's why I haven't written a sewing book!

Here's the lining and the pocket inside.
And the best part it - all the fabric was purchased from a tag sale!  So it probably cost me no more that $5.00! - well, $5.00 and two hours of time.  But I'm very pleased with the result and I continue my love affair with making bags.


äiti said...

Looks great!

I want to start going to tag sales and thrift stores, but haven't been able to incorporate it into my life yet...

Add it to the list!

ang said...

Hey julie:

I will blogstalk no longer. Awesome bag-people love the tote you made for me. All the little ladies working at Joann's loved it and a few of the customers too. I am SPORTY with the Julie Tote.