Monday, May 26, 2008

Beach Day

Yesterday we went down to Gramma's house in Niantic.  We knew we were going to hit the beach so I dressed Magoo in his swim trunks.  Oh - was he excited to go.  Even though we had an hour until we left our own house - he had his shoes on and was ready to roll.  I think he likes the beach.

We got there around noon.  There was a decent crowd - not too busy though.
And no life guards - which means Magoo can do what he loves to do - throw rocks in the water!!!

Don't you thin he looks kinda like he has super powers in this shot?  Like he's commanding the waves?!  :)

I love this photo because his face looks just like it did when he was about 1 year old.  My little baby!  Maybe it's the haircut.

We had a very good time making sand castles and throwing rocks.  Too cold to go into the water, but it was a lovely day to hang out on the sand.

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äiti said...

Great pics. And I'm so glad Cam got to throw rocks---there is something SO satisfying in that for me, too.