Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Red Bag

I finished the first of the "tag sale fabric" bags.  This is a design from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing.  It has a nice little pocket on the side for water and a front pockets for a magazine or mail or something flat.

I also started doing some research online as to how much I should charge for the bags I plan to sell.  Wowy - wow - wow - there are a lot of of ladies making bags out there! I think thousands! I'm not kidding.

I'm glad I'm not doing this as a real business and just for the fun of it.  And I reminded myself that my only real goal was to make back the cost of the fabric and notions - then the rest of it can just be for gifts and the fun of it.  (But I do think I'll be selling these pretty cheap!  I want them to moooooove.)

But I had fun making it and with each pattern I follow - each bag I make - I'm learning a little something about the process which helps me make the ones in my head.  I think I'll only do a few bigger bags like this and then a bunch of simple totes.  And a few kicky summer bags - just little things.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all.  We'll be at the beach on Sunday and maybe Monday so I probably won't be back here until Tuesday.


Beeny said...

Gorgeous! I think you should find local flea markets, salons and coffee, shoe, candle/gift shops around who would be willing to try a few of them for a small cut. Since they'll be going at a lower rate than the average, people will want to snatch them up!

Just a suggestion...

Great job!

ang said...

That bag has a serious case of fabulousness. I love the fabric, Is it cotton, nylon, canvas? I like what beeny said re: little shops. Lord knows our town has plenty of those.

Julie_c said...

It's certainly not a bad idea but it involves me going into shops and trying to sell something and I am very, very bad at that.

äiti said...

What an awesome bag (though not quite as awesome as the pretty blue one sitting here next to me :-)

I'm telling you, your stuff is going to sell. Don't undervalue your talents and time and energy too much and charge reasonably (for yourself, that is!)

Maybe I can become your business manager!

Julie_c said...

Thank's A - You're hired!