Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Face Recognition Fun

If you have a digital photo of yourself and a little bit of time to waste, why not got over to My Heritage and see what celebrities you look like.  Well, see which celebrities a computer thinks you look like!

I plugged in one of my author photos and the computer assured me that I look 78% like Lara Flynn Boyle!  
I looked 76% like some guy, Shane Filan, who I'm unfamiliar with but he looks a lot like Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210.  It wasn't until I got to Mary Louise Parker (72%) that I started to agree.  I've always thought I looked most like her.  Although I'm not complaining about Lara Flynn Boyle at all!

Then I plugged in Magoo.  Now this isn't the exact picture of Michelle Pfeiffer that came up - but it was around this Grease 2 era.  72% match that my 5 year old son looks like Michelle Pfeiffer.
Well - he doesn't have her cheekbones, but maybe someday.

It's fun - check it out.


äiti said...

That's hilarious...

I think you look more like LFB than MLP. I'm with the computer on that one.

äiti said...

I just did it and was a 80% match with Janeane Garofalo!

Julie_c said...

Were you wearing your glasses? If you wear glasses, the computer will match you with glasses people. Try it without glasses. Michael got matched to Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill and 48% match with Magic Johnson!!!