Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Studio

It all started with some shelves.  Down the road, some neighbors were chucking some wood shelves.  I can't resist shelves.  I'm always in need of organization - so if a set of shelves is in good condition - I'll take 'em.  And they were - good solid wood.  Hip height. Approx. 4 feet long.  Perfect - I thought - to help organize Magoo's side of the studio.

So I put them in the trunk of the car - brought them home and cleaned them off.  But, and I'm sure you all know this - to clean out a space for a piece of furniture - you sometimes make more of a mess, at first.  This is how the studio looked while I moved things around. (Hubby shot this photo while I was ankle high in crud.)

Pretty, huh.  Well, I was really getting in there.  Throwing things out.  Putting things in the tag sale pile.  Organizing other things.  And if there's one thing I can do well, it's accumulate things. But I got through it all and here's Magoo's new space. 

Now he has all his art supplies together and easily accessible.   I don't love the table and chair - but that's what I'll go hunting for at the tag sales this season.  It will do for now.  See - nice shelves, right?

Here are some details.
After seeing Nim's Island, I was inspired to dig up some of my grandmother's big shells and put them out.  Magoo hasn't said anything in particular about them, but I know he's noticed them b/c I occasionally find things, like a Hotwheels car, stuck in them.

This is probably my favorite little piece.  I filled the little jars with watercolors and put them against one of Magoo's tissue paper collages.  The camera couldn't really capture how the light shines through them.  Well, it's probably not the camera's fault.  But this is the kind of thing that - just by looking at it - makes me happy.

And that's the new space.  It's taking a lot of effort, on my part, to keep things relatively tidy in there, but I'm trying.  Oh, how I'm trying!


äiti said...

Oh I love it! From the shells, the watercolors in the nice bottle/jars (I can imagine how lovely it is) to the reclaimed shelves---it looks awesome!

Natalie said...

Everything is beautiful! Can you be my mom for a few days and spruce up some of the nooks in my house??

What is the tissue paper glued to? I'd love to do something like that with my girls.

Julie_c said...

Hi Natalie - Whenever I get packaging with a decent sized piece of clear plastic, I keep it. So we glued (with watered down Elmer's) the tissue paper on - then, I found, when it dried, it peeled right off the plastic and was it's own unit. So maybe you don't even need clear plastic - just something the tissue paper won't adhere to.