Friday, May 2, 2008

No Eggs = Frustration

This morning, my husband said he was going to use one of Magoo's eggs because he was out.  (We buy Omega 3 eggs for Maggo.) But I bought some yesterday, I thought.  Then I got irritated with myself at the thought that I had left them in the car.  You know how it goes - you're busy with your kid and a playdate's coming over in ten minutes so you hurry to bring the groceries in and leave something in the trunk.  Only I didn't.  No eggs in the trunk.  No eggs in the house.  Where were the eggs?  Probably on the counter at Whole Foods where they were left because the cashier put them aside and the bagger didn't bag them.  Grrrrr.

$3.19.  That's all is cost.  But the eggs were the second straw this morning, so I'm a little more ticked off then I should be.

I also didn't get Vitamin E liquid from the pharmacy.  Now the pharmacy is a whole other story.  Magoo is on a bunch of vitamins and supplements to clean out his gut and this is the pharmacy I was told to order from.  In the first attempt to get 10 items, they only sent me #9&10.  They literally forgot to send the first 8 items.  And we had to go in order - #1, then #2, etc.  So 9&10 aren't going to do me much good.  

I was very nice when I called back.  Tried not to be too angry.  More flies with honey and all.

The second time the pharmacy sent out 1-8, UPS damaged the package.  So they sent it back to the pharmacy.  Okay - that wasn't the pharmacy's fault.  That one's on UPS - but still.  Come on, people!

Finally, I get the package - but only today did I discover that they didn't send #6, Liquid Vitamin E.  Ug!  Part of it's on me.  I checked through the stuff - but there was a lot so I didn't notice the omission.  But seriously - this was their second attempt - aren't they making a list and checkin' it twice - like Santa!  If I were the manager, that would be my store motto - Do it the Santa Way! 

Anyway - now I have to try to go around town and find Liquid Vitamin E before I call the pharmacy again to have another shipment.  Ug!  Once again, it's not the end of the world.  It just puts us a few days behind on the Vitamin Parade, but I'm just a little put off by people's poor job performances these days.

Sorry for the crazy lady rant - picture me throwing cats. :)


äiti said...

Would a bite (or two...or a whole bar) of chocolate help?

I hope you're feeling better. It sucks to feel so pissed at 7:30 in the morning. Makes one want to go right back to bed!

Sending you a big hug and deep, cleansing breaths...

Serenity now!

Julie_c said...

Ah yes - Serenity now - indeed!

I found the liquid Vit. E at Whole Paycheck.

Whole Paycheck giveth and Whole Paycheck taketh away.

Phantom Admin said...

see the first result when you google for "whole paycheck".

heh heh

äiti said...


I guess I really shouldn't be surprised...but I am.