Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Personal Notebook

Sometimes when I'm having a snack or just needing to putz around for 5 minutes, I'll start blogging around.  I always start with one of my regular sites, but then roam around - link to link - and not exactly know how I got to my final destination.

That's how I came across this tutorial for making your own little notebook with personal photographs.

See, that's a shot of Magoo marching through the woods that I posted - I dunno - about a week and a half ago.  On the back I used one on the tire swing.

It was really easy to make.  That said, I did have all the supplies at home.  But really, I think most people would have most of the supplies on hand.  The only thing that can be a pain in the tush is cutting all the paper for the inside.  I have a paper cutter, so it wasn't too bad.   But if all you have is a pair of scissors - yeah - that's going to be a little time consuming.

But it was quick, fun and I always need a notebook.  

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