Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Walk in the Woods

Saturday was a glorious day.  Not only did I score on the fabric - but we all went for a nice family walk around the reservoir.   Magoo was dashing about, throwing rocks in the water, climbing things and we all got some good exercise and family time in.


ang said...

Ahh how fun. Hmmm, from where do I recognize the kiddo's shorts?We never seem to make it to the reservoir when it's nice out. For some reason, we usually decide to go after a snowstorm or when the snow has kinda melted and then refrozen into ice. We should try it your way.

äiti said...

It was relaxing just looking at the very nice photos :-)

Julie_c said...

Ang - those shorts are from SouleMama's book - and I made them out of a shirt (wink, wink.) :)!