Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Ol' Rain

Saturday started out well enough.  Sun was shining - hot, but not too hot.  Our town was having it's big art and fun fair in the center and we went at noon.  (More on that tomorrow.)  When we came home we were all pretty wiped and vegged out in the living room.  Then, at 4pm, the rains came.  OH - how they came!

This is an early shot just so you can get a sense of our front yard.  A little bit of grass between the street and the sidewalk.  About mid way to the house there is a tree and some wicker chairs.  Got it?
So the rain came down as though poured from a pitcher.  So very dense.  And the winds were whipping it all over the place.  I felt so bad for all those artists set up in their little plastic gazebo's b/c this was not a sprinkle.  Anyway, here's our street when it was just starting to recede.

It got a little past the tree and you can see how it's creeping up the driveway on the side.
Normally, you would see the street back there, but it's not longer a street, it's a river.

Here's my 360 degree view.

We didn't get water in the basement - so that was good.  And it went back down quickly.  Still, it was a doosey!  (And we're supposed to get another one today.)

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