Thursday, June 26, 2008

Concert in the Park

I love my neighborhood.  There are definitely things that I'd like to fix upon my house, but I'm very happy with my house's location.  Last night, my neighbor Jackie organized a neighborhood outing to Elizabeth Park to hear a band play.  A bunch of us went.  See?  That's fun.

The roses were in full bloom and the place really looked beautiful.

Now, I had never been to a concert there before.  They have them every Wednesday night in the summer.  Magoo was little and bedtime was important, so I was always intrigued, but we never went.  As a result, I had no idea of what kind of crowd to expect.

Apparently, a big one.

We rode our bikes with another family - but Jackie saved us a good spot.  (They went early and drove.)

Here the boys are chilling out listening to the music.  I guess Magoo likes a canopy.

But then Magoo got back up and we went out and played Frisbee with some of his buddies.

I have to say the children played really well together - tossing it to and fro.  That probably seems like an odd statement, because - of course - that's how you play Frisbee.  But sometimes the boys like to fashion this game where you toss it and then everyone chases after it and then whoever jumps on it first - or can pry it out of the others one's hands - wins. If you have boys, you know this game.  That one's a little less fun for the group. But they did great - until an older boy playing a different game plowed poor Magoo down.  That pretty much ended the evening.  But before that - it was fun. 

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äiti said...

Looks really idyllic and summery. That's cool that y'all biked over!