Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

Yesterday I dropped my picture book, Wink, the Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed, off at the publishers.  Very. Freakin'. Exciting.

It's being published by Viking which is an imprint of Penguin Publishing.  Not too shabby.

So here I am, very happy and relieved.  (You can't imagine how many scenarios I went through in my mind of different ways I could lose the book en route: leaving it on the train, leaving it on the subway, getting mugged - because that's what muggers really want.  Original picture book art!)  But we (Michael, Magoo, me and the book) all made it there fine and dandy.

Here, Magoo and I stand in front of a case of Viking Books.

In the art director's office - Denise Cronin, who is so great - Magoo got to spy ships in the Hudson.  Not a bad view!

After the initial meet and greets - (Regina Hayes: publisher, Tracy Gates: Editor) Mike and Magoo went into Brooklyn to visit one of his good buddies, and I took the book into the conference room to lay it out and show it off.  Moment of truth time, people.

Imagine a very long table.  You start at one end, and work your way all around viewing the book from cover page to dedication at the end.  All sort of folk came in to see it.  The designer, marketing, asst. editors, people who's jobs I can't remember.  The first group told others, and people were creeping in left and right. Everyone was so nice and made me feel very, very good.  

Then I had a nice meeting with my awesome editor, Tracy Gates.

After that I had to scurry to the west side to have lunch with my very excellent agent, Scott Treimel, who treated me to Dim Sum at the the Chinatown Brasserie.  Look at those cute little things. They're like Day-glo slugs!

Dim sum yum!

Then I met up with Magoo and Mike at a playground in Washington Square Park.  Magoo was exhausted and so was I.  We took at cab to Penn Station where a friendly New Yorker snapped a pic.  (Mike's in disguise.)  And we took the train back to New Jersey, where we were staying with our good buds, Erik, Shirley & the boys.

It was so great to meet people in person after phone conversations and email and I feel like my little book is in very good hands.  If anyone from Viking is reading this (which I highly doubt) thank you so much for your fabulous treatment.  And thanks, too, to Erik and Shirley and the crew for being such awesome hosts!


ang said...

Awesome! It couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Congratulations!
Is Michael trying not to be noticed too?

This is so exciting!

Julie_c said...

Yes, Michael is the Husband Who Didn't Want to be Noticed. Good one, Ang.

Natalie said...

Wooooooot! Can't wait to see this on the shelves, Julie! :-)

Beeny said...

YAY and YAHOO! Like Wink, you also meet your destiny...(sorry, couldn't resist!) So happy for you; proud, too! Congrats!

Glad you had fun in the city with your fellas.

Jay said...

I was just wondering where you were at in the book process and finally had time to check the blog and there was my answer, YEAH!!!

and that really does look like Mike, so not so incognito as he would think.

Shelley said...

Julie, that's so exciting! I'm so happy for you. And anxiously awaiting reading the book to my little guy.

Julie_c said...

Thanks everyone! It was very exciting. But now I have to work on getting a contract for a second book!

äiti said...

Teo and Aki are eagerly anticipating reading your book. Having you here to drop it off made it real to them in a new way :-)

It was, as always, great to see you guys.


kathy said...

Congratulations, Julie! We are so proud of you! We all knew you would be a published artist one day! Now on to book #2!

Julie_c said...

Hey Kathy - are you my aunt?