Monday, June 30, 2008

Magoo's 5 1/2 Birthday Bash

Magoo is a Christmas time baby.  It's difficult to have a fun kid party in late December, so I decided long ago that we'd have a family party around his actual birthday and a kid party in the summer.  He gets two parties and I only have one child so I can handle two parties.

I usually try to keep things simple - mostly for my own sanity.  Also - I want the kids to be able to just let loose and have fun.  We started with a sprinkler rocket and a big water balloon fight.

The kids looooved the water balloons.  Of course, I think it's a fair estimate to say I spent about 45 minutes filling them up.  The fight took no more than 7 minutes - but I was glad it lasted that long.

It started to sprinkle, but the big tree in the back provided enough shelter for cake and ice cream.  I made a sugar-free yellow cake and used strawberries and blueberries for color.  (And some really long, colorful candles.)  I made a batch of casein free, sugar free coconut ice cream as well.  But many children preferred the store bought vanilla.  (Mike was psyched b/c that meant more coconut for him!)

Some of the kids didn't go for the cake either.  When they think birthday cake - they picture a ton of frosting and sugar and toys, yadda, yadda.  This is a very good cake - kinda like if a sponge cake and pound cake had a baby.  But it's not colorful.  Magoo loved it though - and that's what counts.

Next, it was pinata time.  Can we take a moment to appreciate the hard work I put into making this pinata?  Please.  It took me a really long time.  I know I'm absolutely crazy for doing this myself when I can buy one.  And then what happens?  It gets smashed.  I am.  I'm crazy.

But they loved it.  All except one poor boy who was so disappointed that there was no candy inside that it brought tears to his eyes.  It wasn't empty, mind you.  I stuffed it with tattoos and stretchy frogs and sticky bugs and beads.  Just not candy.  If only Magoo could have candy - I would have put some in.  But another mother was trying to cut back on sugar so I thought it would be okay.

Sorry, kid.

But everyone else seems to enjoy picking through the remnants.

All in all it was a good crowd of kids and Magoo had a very nice party.

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äiti said...

Oh Julie, it looks like it was SO much fun! Magoo's smiles say it all.

Part of life is having your world and life expand via your friendships and time shared together.

I hope Magoo's friends can appreciate that over time (I know we're talking about young kids here :-)