Friday, June 13, 2008

Not an Azalea Post

I have been tagged for a meme by one of my critique group writers, Natalie.  This is my first meme.  I'm not even sure what "meme" means.  So here goes:

1.  Pick up the nearest book.

The nearest book to me is one of my husband's, Complexity of Lattice Problems: A Cryptographic Perspective by Micciancio & Goldwasser

2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.

"Let W = T (Z) {0,1} 4n."  The 4n is tiny, but I didn't know how to do that on the computer and there are a few symbols missing because I also didn't know how to do that on the computer. So don't try this equation at home!   Doosy of a sentence though, huh.

4. Post the next three sentnences.

Oooooookay.  Here goes.  "Notice that the probability distribution of matrix T (conditioned on the event [G] ......."  Okay, you know what?  Maybe I'll pick another book.  Hmmmmm.  I found Selected Poetry by Yeats under the chair.  Let's try again, shall we.

Page 123, fifth sentence, and the following three:  (You know what's nice about this book already?  It smells good.)

"To afflict mankind, but now
That winds of winter blow
Learn that we were crack-pated when we dreamed.

We, who seven years ago"

That's all you get!  

What's crack-pated?


Natalie said...

Don't know what "crack-pated" is-- it sounds like something illegal. However, it's more understandable than your husband's book...yikes! ;-)
P.S. I have no idea what meme stands for, either, if that makes you feel better.

ang said...

Hmm I thought I knew what "meme" was but I found out I didn't when I looked it up. "Meme" is a recently created term that describes an idea that passes quickly from person to person through the internet. Turns out Richard Dawkins (my hubby would be happy with this reference) coined the term (in a more narrow sense) in his book the Selfish Gene to describe how one could apply Darwinian principles to show how ideas are passed along through cultures.

You know I try not to learn too much in one day. I had to look it up. Thanks a lot Julie.

I'll have to ask my mom what "crack-pated" is. She is a big ol' English Lit person so she might know.

ang said...

Okay this is just to show how anal I am. I really need to know what "crack-pated" means. I can't find mom so I'll take a stab at it. Maybe it means crazy, delusional. "Pate" means head right?Crack-pated sounds a lot like crackpot. Crack-pated, crackpot, cracky crack crazy.

Julie_c said...

Hey Ang - I like your rap at the end there: Crickity, Crack, Crack, Pated!

Phantom Admin said...

Here is some context, going back a bit in the poem:

O but we dreamed to mend
Whatever mischief seemed
To afflict mankind, but now
That winds of winter blow
Learn that we were crack-pated when we dreamed.

pretty clear to me that "crack-pated" is like "wrong-headed" (after all the "pate" is the top of the head.) So to be crack-pated is to be a crackpot, as ang said.

Julie, I may be able to help with with posting mathematical formulas on the Web ;-). Anyone who wants to discuss lattice-based cryptography can contact me outside this blog . . .

Julie_c said...

Ooooh - I bet they'll be jumping right over to you now. I hope the computer can handle all the traffic!

ang said...

Oooohhh Julie, methinks I'll be jumping over the lattice with a quickness for some math lessons! Gird the computer's server. First there is`the faked-out promise of an azalea post and now cryptography. Your blog just offers so much that I am catching the vapors! ;-)

Shelley said...

Ha ha ha ha - this could be my house. M was recently at an international mathematicians' conference (mathematician sounds way too much like magician)and offered to explain some of the dissertations that were presented. Important stuff in computer graphics, yes... however...

And I have not Yeats, but Rilke, Shelley and Whitman within arm's reach.

Love this discussion of crack-pated.

Now I am having a hard time getting excited about blogging about the turtles and tadpoles we saw today. This is much more fun!

Julie_c said...

Maybe the turtles are crack-shelled?