Friday, June 20, 2008

Tag Sale Tomorrow

My dining room has been repurposed to a junk room.  
All week long I have been filling it with piles and boxes of things for the tag sale.  Today, Friday, I will organize and price - get everything ready to just be carried out tomorrow morning and set up.

My last tag sale didn't go very well.  A whole lot of effort and I think I made $25.00.  So I'm hoping for better results tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


ang said...

Goodness where were you hiding this stuff?! I am wayyy too lazy to even try a tag sale. I just trip over to the Goodwill. I think the weather should be very good tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to take part of your tag sale goodness as I am out o' town tomorrow. But I can say, "good luck"!

äiti said...

$25 is pretty good from what I hear about tag sale hauls.

Good luck!

I'm so lazy the crap just stays tucked into various nooks and crannies of our home...