Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Totes & More Totes

It hasn't been easy - but I've been sneaking some sewing time in here and there.  The beautiful thing about some of these simpler designs is that I can complete a project in an hour or so - and that's just about all the time I can manage.

These are (75%) Simple Totes from Lotta Jansdotter's book, Simple Sewing.  (I made a few of my own alterations.)  I made these for Magoo's teachers.
Can I just say, at this point, that taking nice pictures of bags is difficult!  1. I don't have a good lense for it.  2.  I need to make myself a light box.  This is my third set up!  (I felt kinda like a dork placing my bags all over the yard to take pictures of them. )  

Now these are my own design and I'm calling them Paperback Totes.  They are more like a kicky handbag but are big enough to carry a paperback.  I made them deep so your goodies stay in the bag and don't bounce out.  And I put a pocket on the front for your mail, grocery list, or a notebook.  These will be in my shop - when I get around to opening one.

This one shows the fabric a little better and the lining.  They are both fully lined.

This funky fabric is Kashmir Okra by Amy Butler.  It's what I made my Cabo Halter out of.  LOVE this stuff!

I just ordered a new book entirely on making handbags.  In the meantime, more totes to come!!!


ang said...

These are awesome! The teachers are going to love them. When the heck did you have time to make all of these? I am making one tote and several tea towels for all of Doran's teachers, therapists and aides. I have one and a half sets of tea towels to make and the scary-ass tote to make stiillll. However, I am learning which sewing machine needles bite the big one and which ones are awesome-damn Dritz needles.

I'd love to see your new handbag book when you get it in. The bags are supercool as is the fabric. I am finding that as I move along in life the more I like what I will call bright and active fabrics.

Julie_c said...

Absolutely. I'll let you know when the book is in. Probably later this week.

äiti said...

These are super cute and functional ---love that. I like that Amy Butler fabric too.

Shelley said...

Lucky teachers - cool stuff!