Monday, June 2, 2008

Water and Sun

My father-in-law was here for the weekend and my sisters-in-law also stopped by for a visit.  So there was a lot of family time.  Saturday was supposed to be a wash out.  Rain, rain and more rain.  And it certainly threatened - but really that's all it did during the day.  in fact, after about an hour of thinking "A storm is a' coming," the skies opened up to beautiful sun.

In the evening - still dusk - there was some rain, but the sun hadn't disappeared and there was a fantastic rainbow over our neighborhood.

I'm sure there are cameras in the world and people with enough skill to capture a rainbow.  This is as good as I could get.  You could actually see both ends of the rainbow - but there was a tree blocking my view and I would have had to go out in the sprinkle to capture it.  I'm far too dainty for that!
Magoo was exhausted in bed already, but the hubby, father-in-law and I all stood out on the porch and enjoyed the scene for awhile.

Another big fun of the weekend was the new sprinkler rocket.  Yes, my son is spoiled.  Not attitude spoiled, but he gets his fair share of toys.  I can't help it!  It's so much fun to watch him really enjoy something like this.  And OH he did enjoy it!

Here's what you do.  You hook up your hose, set up the rocket and there's a lever.  When the lever is at zero - no water comes through.  But you can count down and move the lever and BLAST OFF!  Here, Magoo and rocket are ripe with anticipation.

A trained adult can manage a very nice, steady lift-off that holds the rocket in the air about 10 feet off the ground and the kids can jump through the water and sure enough, the rocket will stay up for awhile.  But my boy likes to BLAST IT!  Big payoff, then the rocket crashes to the ground.  Big time fun.

See - see that smile - how can I resist that?

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