Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to Watercolor

While finishing the book - I had to put painting on hold. But the gallery sold another koi so the owner has called three times now asking for more work.

Here are two paintings I am working on. I started the goldfish at least a month ago, then, as I said, it got put on hold. So that one is actually almost done. I just started the koi.

These are my bigger paint bowls for when I have to lay down a large background. I have to have paint ready at hand because I do it all wet and fast. Sexy!

I also go through a lot of paper towels. This is mostly from "pulling: the fish out of the background. I have to keep cleaning my brush so that I am removing paint formt he paper and not putting it back on.

I finished the goldfish! I just framed it and as soon as I finish posting this, I will drive it out to the gallery where the owner will thank me then tell me it's too small. :)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Hi Julie, it's Sara's little sister Jessica hear. She sent me your URL as well!
I hear about your artistic endeavors all the time from Sara and now I finally get to see how fantastic your work is!!
Beautiful koi fish! Perhaps it might inspire me to get brave and try some water colors.
The clothes line came to me when I realized that no matter what toy I gave to Franny, the tag was always the best part!
Just like Than, your Magoo has grown so big since I saw him a few years ago!!