Friday, July 25, 2008

The Bathroom is Finished

Anyone who has been to my house knows that I had paint samples up on my bathroom wall for months. I wanted something blue. Maybe a little like Tiffany blue - but with a touch of green. I wanted something lively - but calm. And I wanted the 1940's ice cream parlor wallpaper gone.

I didn't really think ahead to take a good BEFORE shot. But you can see the stripes. They're not the most awful thing in the world and I lived with them for 6 years - but it was time for a change. And see those tulip sconces? Yeah - those were going too.

So I ripped a few pieces of wallpaper off thinking it would motivate me. Nope. I just lived with that for awhile. Finally I think my husband got so sick of my procrastinating that he started working on it. Then I felt guilty so I started to help. Then he left. He's slick - that one.

Anyway - it's done. Ta-da!

It's hard to get a good picture, because it's not a large space. But I went with a color called Porch Swing Blue and - lucky for me - Linens N Things were having a going out of business sale, (not lucky for Linens N Things) so I got some new towels and accessories too.

New sconces. You can't really see them - but they are just simpler, cleaner. New cabinet for over the toilet. And I wanted to pump a little color in there so I did a couple pieces of collage.

I feels really nice to be in there. My house is so "lived in" that it doesn't really feel decorated most of the time. But this room - for now - feels DONE. I'm really happy with it.

And it's always nice to have new towels.


äiti said...

Ooh, it looks so nice! Congratulations and good job, with all you have to do every day.

I've recently started watching a show called "Clean House" with Niecy Nash (from Reno 911).

Between that and your bathroom revamp, I am burning with inspiration to declutter and liven up my living space.

Jessica said...

Wow, your bathroom looks great! The paint color is really pretty, much calmer then the stripes!!
Your house must be the same style as the Metcalfe's, because your bathroom looks just like theirs.
I have been thinking about re doing our bathroom, maybe you will inspire me.
I enjoyed seeing your collages as well. They really liven up the room.
Have you read shiso mama's blog? She makes some really fun collages as well.

Joan said...

Really nice work, Julie - I love the color. Very fresh and cool. The collages are great, too!

sara said...

YEA!!!! It's beautiful! Wanna come do mine now (ha,ha)! You've inspired me. Maybe I'l do ours when the kitchen is being done!
We got here safe and sound and are having a great time (check out Jess' blog). Scott and I are celebrating 10 years today. Dinner tonight at a QUIET little hole in the wall Italian place. Then a romantic stroll along the waterfront for some Cow's Ice Cream!
Off to wipe a bum.....