Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beach Day and Jellyfish

Saturday we went down to Niantic, CT - home of my mother-in-law and THE BEACH!  When we go down to Granma's, it pretty means we're hittin' the beach.

It was a glorious day for it.  Hot - but hazy so the sun wasn't beating down right on you.  The breeze from the water was cool and the water, itself, was decently warm.

My friend Shirley recently wrote that beach days are hard work for kids.  Indeed, they are.  The child is running through waves!!!

But he got some modeling in, too.

Okay - now here's the exciting/terrifying part.  The water was warm enough for jellyfish.  Some of you may say, "What the big deal?  It's just a little jellyfish."  But I am from Ohio where we DO NOT HAVE JELLYFISH!  So it is a very big deal for me.

For years, whenever someone would say they saw/felt a jelly in the water I was the first one out.  Mainly, it was because I couldn't see them.  I didn't know where they were.  Well, on Saturday, I could see them.  And here's a small one.

I was really trying not to push my fear onto Magoo, but I would be lying if I said I didn't shriek a few times.  Still, I could see them and I caught a few too.

Here's one in motion.

Now a little story I am entitling: My Mother-In-Law is a Big, Fat Liar

Mary, my mother-in-law, and I are walking along the beach after watching some kids catch a jelly.  I am explaining my fear of the jellies when she says,  "You know, I've been swimming in the open water for forty years and I think I've been stung maybe ten times.  So that's only about once every ten years.  It's highly unlikely you're going to get stung."

I nodded and thought, I will get stung.  If there is a single pin in a field of grass, I will step on it.  If there is a single jelly in the ocean, I will get stung.

But as the day went on and I became more comfortable with the jellies and spotting them, my fear started to fade.  Michael, Magoo and I found a nice "clean" spot.  Mike and I were "tossing" Magoo back and forth, when all of a sudden I noticed a jelly right next to me.  Quickly, I picked up Magoo and moved away.  But it was too late.  I was stung on the inside on my left leg - knee height.

It felt like little pulses of electricity were dancing beneathe my skin and like a really, really itchy spot - all at the same time.  It wasn't "painful" but rather highly irritating. 

I said, "I knew it.  I knew I'd get stung the first time.  Mary said she's only been stung ten times in forty years."

Then Mary leans in to Mike and in a low voice says, "Sometimes I get stung ten times in one day."

That's why my mother-in-law is a big, fat liar.


äiti said...

Awww. Sorry you got stung. We just surfed over to NG Kids (http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids/9608/jellyfish/index.html#jellyfish) to learn more about jellies and how they sting. Thanks for inspiring some science for the morning!

Great photos and video. Magoo looks happy as a clam (to continue the ocean theme :-)

Jay said...

I have to tell you that, growing up in Niantic, and swimming there, I got stug more times than anyone can count. Mary is a big, fat, liar. This just gave me the biggest flash back body memory, ugh.