Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Book Barn Frogs

We usually stop at the Book Barn when we are visiting my mother-in-law.  There are two stores: Book Barn Downtown and the orignal Book Barn.  The original is my favorite because I just love everything about this place.  It just grows.  Wagons of books crop up here and there. Little houses are constructed to hold more books.  But the best part is that there are gardens, playgrounds, goats!  It's like a whole other little world.

This post is primarily about one of the gardens.

Magoo and I had to inquire where the bathrooms were and we were directed through this garden.  When Magoo was done takin' care of business, we noticed a frog in the fish pond.  The man who had given us bathroom directions said, back in the garden, there were a whole bunch of young frogs and one still had his long tail.  We went back and found them - and sure enough - long tail.  (Which I think amused me much more than Magoo.)

Because we had planned on going to Book Barn Downtown and not here -  I didn't have my camera.  OH - and these five frogs sunning themselves on a rock where so perfectly placed!  It would have been gorgeous!  So when the shopping was done, I went back and fetched my Powershot.

The five frogs were gone - of course - but I still got some frog shots.

See them all in the water?  They were hard to spot at first - when you you focused in, you could see a ton of them.

Now here's where the story gets a little gory.  I think there was a reason those five frogs were no longer sunning themselves.  See, I saw this cat laying right here and next to it was a frog - a motionless frog who still had a tail.

I think there was a cat attack.  So all the little froggies thought it best to blend into their surroundings.  A lesson learned too late for one.

Oh well.  Circle of life.


Jessica said...

That is a sad story for the frog with the tail:(
We had a frog once. We called him Houdini because he was always escaping. One time my mother found him still alive in the cats mouth. The next time he escaped, he was never seen again. That was shortly after we got a dog.
The Book Barn sure looks like a special place to visit!!

äiti said...

Oh, poor Long Tail.

The garden looks magical. What a great place!