Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Couple More Bags

Summer is a busy time.  Not a whole lot of free time to sew.  And when I do have it, I have to ask myself - do I want to hole up in the basement when the sun is shining in the windows up here?  Usually, the answer is no.  But I do love a completed project and since I bought this book and went and picked up supplies - I was highly motivated to make a clutch.

And here it is!

This was a FIRST for a couple of things.  First magnetic snap.  First bag with a flap.  The directions were very clear and I think it turned out well.  

See, there's my snap!
The lining seems a little grey here, but really it's more lavender.

And here's a close up of the fabric.  It's a textured light cream.
And, I made another bag - and another first - a tote with some embroidery.

I was blogging around and saw some fabric with birdcages on them and I thought - hey, I bet that would look good in embroidery!  And I just bought some red fabric at a tag sale - so it all came together.

I'm still not a whiz at embroidery - but I like the way it turned out.

So these will go into the shop, when I get a shop going.  How many bags do I have now?  Five, I think.  There should be more than five - five is kind of a cheap-ass shop.  So I have more work to do.


äiti said...

Oh, I love the red bag. In fact, I'd buy it now if I could. It will make someone (other than you) very happy some day.

I just put the book on my Amazon list :-)

MIMI said...

You're still one of the coolest people I know. The bags are beautiful, simply beautiful.

So, per our last convo, I've been pursuing an all yeast free diet and I cannot believe how great I feel. Really, I imagine this may have been the nexus of my problem all these years.

love you,


Jessica said...

Lovely bags, impeccable stitchery! The clutch is very elegant and I love the bird cage bag. Are you sure you haven't done much embroidery?!
Can't wait to see the shop:)