Monday, July 21, 2008

Hazy Beach Day

It was hot on Saturday.  I'm sorry - let me rephrase.  IT WAS HOT!  
I don't do so well in the heat.  I'm cranky and my husband knows not to touch me.  So it was a good thing we were heading down to the beach.  It would have been a rough day at home.

It was overcast - which was nice.  And there was a breeze.  Really, it was just what the doctor ordered.

The visit started out with footprints.

These aren't even that good.  But boy, he made a lot of them.

Then - as always - we moved onto sand castles.  This one was Mike's design with Magoo and I working as crew.  I was the landscaper!

Magoo was helping with canals.

I can remember a time when the strong wind and the noise of the waves used to upset Magoo. Those days are long gone.  We still have the occasional beach surprise - like jellyfish - or a sudden drop off as we're walking along.  But for the most part - this is a beach kid.  There's water.  There's rocks.  If you're hot, get in the water.  If you're cold, stay on the sand.  Pretty perfect.


Shelley said...

Lovely pics! So envious of your proximity to the beach... But I am glad you have that escape. Magoo's sandcastle is marvelous!

äiti said...

Looks like a really nice day.

Summer's great on days like that! (As opposed to ones where squirrels are eating their way onto your sun porch or you're in your kitchen baking literally...both ways ;-)