Friday, July 11, 2008

I Have an ISBN Number

My editor sent me the first round of color proofs of my book yesterday.  Very exciting.  The wrap around of the cover art has an ISBN number on it - and, for some reason, that makes it all really real for me.

So this is the cover.  The book is called, Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed.  It's about a ninja student, Wink, who has a hard time with being stealthy at school and has conflicts with his teacher over it.

I dropped the art off at Viking last month and they quickly sent it to China for production.  The pages I just got are so shiny and pretty!  My job was to look through them and see if I had any issues with color, smudges, etc.  I found a few minor things, but on the whole, it looks really good.

Here it is on my dining room table.

Now I have to start designing the webpage for the book.  It's been a lot of work - but so much fun - doing the book.  But now I have to start thinking about promotion!  That's a whole other ball of yarn.


sara said...

WOW JUlie! That is SO awesome! It's really real!!!!! It looks GREAT!!!!!!

äiti said...

Oh. My. God. !!!

How excited are you? I am SO excited and you must be a thousand times so.


(It looks great, by the way!)

Shelley said...

I can't wait to read it! It looks so cute. So very cool!

Jessica said...

This is so exciting for you! Is this your first book?
We will have to find a copy when it comes out. Frances and I would love to read it.

Julie_c said...

Thanks you guys! I'm pretty excited! And to Jessica - yes, this is my first book.

Natalie said...

Woooot! This makes my day! How exciting to see everything come together! Cannot WAIT to buy my copy! (Could I use some more exclamation points, perhaps???) !!! Yup. :-)

Joan said...

SO awesome, Julie!! It's gorgeous - I can't wait to hold it in my hands - fabulous work!!!