Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lazy Days

It's really been a lazy summer around here.  So many kids are in camp all day or on vacation. Poor Magoo often asks, "Do I have a play date today?"  Somedays we do.  Some days we don't.  So I'm trying my best to keep him occupied.  The other day we did some outside collaborative painting.
Our neighbor, J, stopped by briefly to help with the art.  This is their masterpiece.

I like it.  I think it's good!

And here's another work of art...


äiti said...

I love these pics. All masterful works of art in my humble opinion :-)

I feel for Magoo (and you), but this is the nature of summer, for me...quiet, pockets of space and time, and those lovely moments of painting outside.

Jessica said...

Your Magoo is definitely an abstract artist. Great use of color, love the shots of red and yellow. His mark making evokes a real sense of movement. Such a strong piece of art!

This looks like a great way to spend a lazy day of summer, and when it's done outside there isn't as much mess made inside!!

I am sure his two buddies from up the street miss playing with him as well!

Shelley said...

Magoo is a cutie with the painted face - the best work of art, truly. Love your projects. Gotta try some fingerpaints with A!