Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loco V. Toco

When Magoo watches TV it's usually PBS: Curious George, Cyber Chase, things like that. But on Saturday mornings, he's allowed to watch some shows on Fox. And, as a result, commercials on Fox. Every ten minutes when there's a break, there's an add for a big Monster Truck rally.

"Monster Trucks! Monster Trucks, Mommy!" he screams, jumping up and down. Yes, he's very much into Monster Trucks right now.

And that's what he's been making with his LEGOs.

He and his father LOOOOOVE LEGOS. And it's really a great toy because it allows him to be creative and unplugged.

It's also allowing him to try to work out some functional aspects of things. It's just good all around.

But the best part, for me, are the names he comes up with for these truck. Now the first one has a classic Magoo truck name, Loco V. Toco. But sometimes he gets very formal with his names, like a race horse or the winner of the Westminster Dog Show. The second one is Bowling Ball V. Taurus Scratcha Monster Truck. (I asked him twice and wrote it down so I'd get the name just right.)

The names usually have a dinosaur aspect and the initial V.
Magoo uses V. a lot in his speech. It's kinda like his own version of "fa shizzle."

If you answer a question right, you'd be "V. correct!"
A dinosaur with a long neck is a "Necka V. saurus."

He seems to do it just for the sheer joy of the sound Veeeeeeee.

So everyone, I hope you have a loVeeely V. day!


Phantom Admin said...

It's worth noting that the name Loco-v-toco is based on the actual monster truck El Toro Loco.

Bowling Ball V. Taurus Scratcha Monster Truck, on the other hand, is an original coinage.

Jessica said...

Your Magoo sounds like such a treat to be around!! I agree that Lego is one of the best toys. It can provide hours of fun imaginative play for kids of all ages (this includes moms and dads!) I can't wait for Lego to hit our house!!

As for his naming of things, this sounds just like me as a child. That is where the decodaco in my e mail and blog address came from. When I was a kid, everything I built was a deco daco!

Dinosaurs and the letter V, Very cool!!