Monday, July 7, 2008

A Lovely Day

Last week, Wednesday I think, I had a lovely day.  It was the kind of day every day in summer should be.  It was unplanned and easy - relaxing.  The weather was comfortable.  I was calm.

It started with a spontaneous play date.  One of the neighbors, D, came over to play.  D is actually about 2 years older than Magoo, but he's about 1/2" shorter and they get along very well.  They played on the tire swing out back and eventually made their way to the dreaded Japanese Beetles that have come to munch on my rode bushes.  OH - how I hate them!   (The beetles, not the boys.)

So I got a jar and encouraged the boys to catch as many as they could.  D was very good at catching them.  Magoo is a little more like me - jumpy around bugs.  He'd try, but when he touched one, he'd jump.  But D was catching them and Magoo wanted to at least hold one.  So I had to get over my aversion and catch one for my boy.  The things we do for our children.  
Most of the time I could sit and enjoy watching them and work on my first EVER embroidery project.  The jar, above, is sitting on my project book, Doodle Stitching.  I basically just wanted to learn a few stitches because every so often I see a craft that appeals to me, but I really had no idea what I was doing.  Now, at least, I have a clue.

After Magoo got a little frustrated at not being able to catch as many beetles as D, he decided to make his own.  An impromptu art project!  I love it!  So I guided him through some steps but he did the cutting and piecing together.

I think it looks pretty good!

And, by the way, this is the lovely rose bush that those dreaded beetles are eating.

As the afternoon passed, more kids came by to play.  I love having about 4-5 kids running around, emptying out the garage of all toys and chatting with the moms.  That's a good time for me.

And I also love these days that just creep up on you and blossom and you don't have to do a thing but enjoy them.


äiti said...

Sounds like a lovely day indeed.

Did you doodle the embroidery? Is that how it works? It is really sweet, I like it.

I was just looking at the photo of Magoo and my boys on your hammock this morning wishing we lived closer. Impromptu play dates with you would be fun...

ang said...

Hey I have that same book! It's awesome because you don't have to count anything or follow any complicated pattern. Of course, I haven't tried embroidering myself yet. However, while we were in Maine, I got the twins to do it and they loved it! Maybe Magoo will like it.

I love your little birdie. Like many things you create, it's just lovely.

Shelley said...

Nice embroidery! What a great concept.

Magoo looks pretty fascinated by those bugs. I love that you made an art project out of the bug experience. I can't wait to do those spontaneous creative things with A. He's still a bit young for scissors. He's good with a crayon when he's not trying to eat it!

Jessica said...

Wow, great embroidery! So good for your first try, and I love the cute birdie.
Magoo makes great bugs, he is lucky to have such a crafty mama! I'm not so crazy about the real thing either.