Wednesday, July 23, 2008

T-Rex Sighting

There's a big dinosaur show in New Haven.  But with big dinos come big prices.  So we opted for the free mini-show at the mall.  We got there early enough to get a good spot - but bone head Mom didn't bring any comics or activities - so by the time the dino came out - Magoo was just about at the end of his patience limit.

It's a pretty cool puppet - I have to give them credit.  This is the baby T-Rex.  I guess all the dinos in the show are life sized.  Can you imagine?

The T-rex stuck around for about 10 minutes - posing, roaring.  I don't think any of the kids cried.  Magoo certainly didn't.  He may have covered his ears when it shrieked.  Otherwise, he loved it.  

Then there was a brief raffle for tickets - we didn't win.  :(  We moved on to some mall related fun of riding the escalators and spinning in the chairs at Macy's furniture showroom.

Check out the video:


sara said...

That is just a little bit scary! And no kids cried!?!?!?! Mine would have! I would have!

Jessica said...

That dinosaur is very cool. I love that you can see the puppeteers legs. Had they not been there, I would have thought there was a dino terrorizing all the children in the mall.
Seriously, I can't believe there were no children crying. It looks pretty scary!