Sunday, August 17, 2008

Awesome Day at the Zoo

Vacation Part II:  The Toledo Zoo

You know those hot August days when you go to the zoo and all the animals are either hiding out in the shade of their caves or just laying there - motionless.

Well - that totally wasn't the day we had.  The weather was perfect for animal frolic and we saw a great show!!!

For one thing, the tiger was taking a stroll right up to the fence.  First, I'm thinking 'Wow - that cat is beautiful!'  Then I'm thinking, 'Wow, that beautiful cat would totally eat me if it could.' Then I'm thinking, 'The only think keeping that beautiful cat from eating me is some WIRE!!!' 

We spent a good part of the time at the playground, watching Magoo run around because really, that's what he does best.  I tried to get him a snack in the cafe'.  HA HA HA!  In the whole cafe, the only thing he could eat were the fries.  And honestly, if I'd really looked at the packaging on the oil, he probably shouldn't have eaten it.  But I trusted the lady when she said they used soy oil and the child needed a snack.  So I went for it - and he was fine.

For as beautiful as that tiger was - this fish was UGLY!  But I loved it.  It has personality.

And then we visited the butterfly house.  Thanks to my mom for treating us to the zoo and to the extra expense of the butterfly house.  (I was pretty ticked off you had to pay extra - but Magoo wanted to go in.)  

Lots of pretty, pretty butterflies.  Poor Magoo though - the zoo keeper gave us a speech about how some of the butterflies were endangered and Magoo thought he meant they were dangerous.  He was awfully twitchy when we went in and then when they'd swoop by he'd say, "They're dangerous!"  He was probably thinking, "If they're so dangerous, why the heck are we going in here?"
A couple explanations later and he was fine.

Check out this cool one.  I'm an owl!  Hoo-hoo!
But the best part, was the polar bear exhibit.  This guy was frisky!  

(It's Magoo who says, "Come to me.")


sara said...

WOW! That video is unbelievable!
Glad you all had a nice vacation... but even gladder (is that a word?) that you are home! See you tomorrow!

Susan said...

It was an awesome visit, wasn't it? That polar bear almost got Magoo, seriously!!

MIMI said...

What great video footage. I love reading about the moments of your life with Magoo. It's like a journey through a wonderful children's book, except better because it's live action.