Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cicada Parade

When we were staying at my dad's house, Mike was the first one to notice how loud the cicadas were.  

Sure enough, there was a tree outside that was covered in shells.  (I imagine there were plenty of live ones around too.)  We even saw one half way out.  Those things are ugly!

But I love the shells and so did Magoo.

Here's one hanging off the tree.

He collected a bunch of them and we lined them up on the fence.  Why?  Why not!  But they're so delicate that only a slight breeze blows them away - so I'm pretty sure they're not still in order.

Anyway - we had some fun with them.


Jessica said...

I find cicadas to be very tranquil. We never used to have them here in Halifax until a few years ago, but when we would visit our grand parents on Long Island their constant creeks would lull us to sleep.
Like Magoo I remember being fascinated by their empty shells.
A fence is a perfect place for a cicada parade:)

MIMI said...

Cicadas are one thing I miss about the late summer in the mid-west. I remember the year they came out in plague numbers. I think it's every seven years or so. Magoo would have loved it then. Their shells created carpets over the ground and trees!

Joan said...

Oh my gosh, Julie, I love the idea of a cicada parade! Do you think there is a PB story there??

Julie_c said...

I don't know Joan. Cicadas are kind of gross visually.