Friday, August 1, 2008

Have Fun Stormin' the Castle!

Some boxes get reused.  Some get recycled.  And some just cry out, "Make me into a castle!" That's what this one did.

I've been working on this one on and off for about 2 weeks.  Sometimes Magoo helps.  Sometimes not.  As I was making this I wondered if I was doing it more for me or him?  
Hard to say.  But I tried to put my boy hat on and think fun - as opposed to functional.

I made simple knights by painting faces and shields on green and yellow blocks.

The canon "shoots" marbles.  Bombs away!

This is the penthouse dungeon.  There's a trap door on the roof that leads into it.  And it's difficult to see - but there are orange "bars" on the door.

Now you can see how Magoo is helping me paint. I did the main color and he did the accents.

The red room serves no real purpose apart from leading to the slide.  All good castles have slides, you know!

(I added a rug - I'm such a girl!)

And here's the main hall where the slide ends up.  My big design flaw is that the slide interferes with the entrance through the main door - oops.  But there aren't any horses so I guess it will be alright. 
I hung some tapestries - girly - but it's a castle!  Castles have tapestries!  They just do.

So, that's the castle.  Now we have to see if it will be played with.  But even if it's not, it was fun to make.


äiti said...

Cool! This looks like it would be really fun to play with. Aki and Teo agree.

Jessica said...

Can I come be a kid at your house:)