Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello - Goodbye

Hooray - D's back from vacation!  And Magoo is so happy he could spit!  It was a pleasant surprise to see that D was back from his month in Switzerland.  (I wasn't expecting him so soon.)

Magoo wanted to play with him right away - but they had to go eat lunch and we had to take the car in for an oil change - so it was a big HIGH and a big LOW right away for my little guy.  But we caught up with them later and it was smiles and happiness.

Then our other neighbor, T, joined us.

Water guns - the universal language.

And it was great to spend some time with T and his sister K since this was their last day with us.  Last night they headed out, moving to New Orleans.

For a while - the kids were all playing in our back yard.  None of the parents wanted to pull them away, wanting them to squeeze as much fun as they possible could together.

Then Mike, Magoo and I walked over to T & K's house as they were loading up in the car so Magoo could say his final good-byes.  I never know exactly how much he understands of these bigger moments.  But he understood that they were moving away - I could see it in his face.  He was trying so hard to maintain a smile - but the edges were cracking slightly.

So D - we're happy you're back!

K & T - good luck in New Orleans!

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sara said...

Wish we were there. Looks like a fun afternoon!