Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kid City, Here We Come!

Kid City is a children's Museum in Middletown, CT.  We've been before, a few times, but not recently.  Kid City is the home to one of the biggest mother-of-a-meltdowns Magoo had when he was like three.  I'll never forget it.  It was so. freakin'. embarrassing. 

 Anyway - we're pretty much beyond those big tantrums now so all is fun and right with the world.

The new exhibit is the fishery.  I don't know who came up with this idea, but they are brilliant! See, in the middle there's this big barrel of fish, right.  

All over the room there are conveyor belts that you put the fish on and they lead them to the big shoot that drops them back down into the barrel.

There's also a magnetized one that drops into another barrel.  And an igloo where you can take the fish into and someone on the platform above you can hoist them up.

These shots were taken early when we were the only ones in there.  About an hour later, this place was buzzing.  Kids were busy at every station, collecting fish, loading fish, working together.  It was pretty cool.  I just tried to stay out of the way.  But I stay close because I'm always on jerk alert - to see which jerk of a kid is going to shove my precious baby out of the way.  But no, all the kids were cool and sharing and working together really, really well.  

There was also a new dinosaur room.  Very fun. 

Magoo probably would have stayed longer if there was another dino-lovin' boy to play with.  When I'm there I just couple all the big Momma dinos with their babies.  I'm such a girl.

Then there was a room that looked sorta like a drugged out Roswell to me.  There was definitely an Americana flavor, but there were also aliens and space ships.  Whatever.  It was fun.

There was a cave you could go in - totally dark.  One room had a huge kaleidoscope to turn and view and the other was this mirrored room.  It's not so dark since I used my flash - but it was pretty funky.

I look a liiiiittle too excited, don't I?


äiti said...

We went with Elsa and Tobias a few times and my kids love the place!

The fishery room? They, particularly Aki, could spend an hour in there easily.

Jessica said...

Wow, you have the neatest places in Connecticut! You're a pretty cool mom, can Frances and I come be your kids?
Don't you just hate the jerks!? When Franny and I went to the library some four year old little princess was trying to push her away from the doll house! This was my first experience with jerks.
That's great that all the kids got along!

sara said...

Ooooo.... the fish room. Our FAVORITE! The last time we were there, I pulled out my book and read (glancing up every paragraph to make sure everything was okay...). They stayed there for an HOUR! Who would have thought a fishery would be so exciting.... maybe they should make it MORE realistic and pump in some fish smells....

Julie_c said... smells!