Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, How They Danced ...

Vacation III - Maumee River

When we were visiting my dad and step-mom, they took us out to a place on the Maumee River where the waters were so low you could walk out on the limestone river bed.  It was really cool.

(That's Mike and Magoo waaaaay out in the upper, right corner up there.)

Lots of fun places to walk and to jump over puddles and, of course, chuckin' big pieces of limestone in the river is always big fun.

Seriously, though, this stuff was gorgeous.  If we lived close by, we could have loaded up with lovely chunks of limestone for stepping stones and garden accessories.  There were piles of it!

Oh, and we found some fish and crayfish skeletons too.

And Stonehenge!  It was the mini-version, like in Spinal Tap, but we found it!  We didn't build it.  And I did feel some mystical vibrations going through my body - creepy.

Of course, Magoo got a little dirty - so it was time for a little jacuzzi bath when we got back to the homestead.


äiti said...

How cool---I love these kinds of natural wonders.

I'm glad you all had a nice time visiting.

Susan said...

My favorite is the crayfish!

Jessica said...

It looks like you all had a fantastic vacation and visit home to your families!
Road trips are always so much fun, you get to experience things that you don't see every day.
Your top photo is really beautiful. I love the reticulation in the limestone. You could make a giant lithograph there!!
The polar bear in your previous post is vary cool! I would have totally been freaked out by that! You guys are very brave!!