Friday, August 22, 2008

One, Two, Embroidery

A friend of mine just had a baby.  I generally like to hand make my baby gifts, but I was kind of short on time and the big trip was coming up so I went to a fun organic type baby store in town. An organic cotton onesie was $18.  EIGHTEEN DOLLARS FOR A ONESIE!  I don't think so.  

Then I had an idea to make an embroidered numbers book.  It's soft.  It's cute.  And I can do it in the car on the long drive.  Perfect!

It actually worked out really well.  I could take my time and I had my little bucket of floss.  Here are some pages from the final book.

One and two:

Five and six:
A detail of the five flowers.  I used buttons for the centers and sewed those puppies on good and strong.  I really like the way this one turned out.
Nine and ten:  (nine fish, ten freckles)
I sewed felt in between the fabric so it's a nice, hefty, soft book.  I hope little baby likes it.


äiti said...

What a great gift---lucky baby!!

Jessica said...

What a fantastic book!! A lucky baby indeed!!
I love how the flowers take on the personalities of the buttons!
I think I might just be inspired to get off my but and finish the one I started!

Joan said...


Jessica Franz said...

Baby Jack does love it and so does his big sis Kendall!!! She shows it to everyone that comes over to our house (which as of late consists of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.) You are soooo talented.