Monday, August 25, 2008

Shrinky Dink Fun

I pulled out the Shrinky Dinks yesterday.  Shrinky Dinks are a great thing to do because they are relatively clean and Magoo and I both enjoy them.  For my part - I wanted to find out if they would take to watercolor.  A little experiment, if you will.

I'm happy to say that they did.  I started out with a couple of goldfish - drawn in with a Sharpie and then painted.  I originally thought I might make them into earrings - but they are a little big.

Then I painted a sheet with blues and greens and cut them into buttons.  They turned out pretty well.

Then I had another idea.  A hanging mosaic.

This is small - about the size of an index card.  It turned out pretty well but I think I put the paint on too heavy.  I forgot that colors get darker and more intense when they shrink.  I would have preferred lighter colors to let the light shine through more.  But for a first attempt, it's not bad.

Here's a shot against white paper.

I used a broken kebob skewer for the top and tied the pieces with gold wire. 


sara said...

You could TOTALLY sell those at a craft fair. I would totally buy one! Maybe you could make me one for my new kitchen.... maybe I could get off my lazy crafting butt and steal your idea and make one myself!

Julie_c said...

Well - if you don't make one yourself - I'll make you one for your new kitchen. How about that?

Jessica said...

That looks like a very cool project! I really like your idea for the mosaic. I bet one would look lovely in Sara's new kitchen!
Now what's Shrinky Dink? Is it some kind of plastic sheet you paint or draw on and shrink it in the oven?

Julie_c said...

That's exactly what it is, Jessica. It was very popular when I was a kid. They just sold it in the stores. nowadays you have to go to the site and order it. Some craft stores carry it. You can get it in clear or white and you do your art thing, then pop it in the oven and it shrinks to about 1/3 of it's original size.

Funny, fun, fun.

äiti said...

Dude, you out do yourself with every new post!

Love these!