Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Gardens

My step-mother, Pam, is a very good gardener.  She loves it and it shows.  Her back yard is truly lovely with all the plants and colors - blooming, thriving.  Maybe I'm extra impressed because it's a skill I don't naturally posess.

Here are some shots from her garden.

Her pear tree - no partridge.
We caught a dragonfly hanging out by the birdbath.
And a long shot of the garden by the fence.
Now, in contrast, I present my newly planted hosta garden.
I can't tell you how proud I am of my little corner.  Our backyard is very shady and it's really hard to grow anything back there - even grass is a challenge.  But these hostas seem to like it well enough.  I lined the garden with rocks from the beach in Niantic.

If anyone knows of good shade plants, please let me know.  I want to continue the garden next year.  It won't look like Pam's - but little by little I hope to improve.


äiti said...

Julie, your little corner garden looks great! I love that used stones from a special beach. Jake swears by hostas and has quite a few them up in Plympton.

I am a fly-by-my-seat gardener and can't offer you any advice about shade plants. I think you have done the most important thing which is to get started!

Jessica said...

Hostas are great, they come in so many sizes, colors and shapes and they are extremely hardy. They fill in and grow quite fast as well.
I love to garden but couldn't tell you what plants are good for shade. I usually ignore the recommendations on the tag and just put in what I like wherever and see how it works.
Good luck and happy gardening!!