Friday, August 8, 2008

That's A Wrap

Yesterday, at breakfast, Magoo drew a camel.  I was pretty impressed because he usually works in a more abstract form and could very well answer, "It's a scribble."  when asked what something was.  But sure enough - there were humps, there were legs, there was a head.  Camel.

Then I had an idea.  I needed wrapping paper for some teacher gifts.  So I scanned the camel.  Magoo was pretty excited to see his artwork on the computer, so I asked him if he wanted to do more.  "Yes!"  he said and then he drew a lion.
I'm sorry - but isn't this an awesome lion!!!  The only thing I suggested was that he add a tail.  Otherwise he did the whole thing by himself without a single clue from me.  (Except I told him what letters to write.)  He followed that up with an elephant - but the lion is really the most kick-butt of the three.

So I scanned those in and placed them all on some paper and let Magoo do some color fill ins on Photoshop.  (Kid's getting pretty good at Photoshop!)  And here's how they turned out.

This is my new favorite wrapping paper!

Have a great weekend.


sara said...

WOW! I love it! What an awesome artist! And his writing is so neat!
Back in the olden days, before computers and scanners..... my Dad would make wood cuts of my art work. I distinctly remember a rooster I drew that became our Christmas card! (that was before you were born, or able to draw, Jessica!).

äiti said...

These are so great. I need to figure out Photo Shop. Aki and Teo would have so much fun making their own wrapping paper and cards.

Susan said...

Love it!

Jay said...

it's very Brian Andreas, I see a future in art, I really do.

Jessica said...

This is fantastic wrapping paper and I agree, the lion is very cool! Magoo must be so pleased with himself to see his wonderful art work used in such a special way!!

How come I never got my art work made into wood cuts ?:(