Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trampoline and Red Butt

Vacation: Part I      Michigan

We just got back from our drive out to Michigan and Ohio.  I had hoped to post while out there, but it just didn't happen.  Sorry.

First stop was Michigan to visit with my hubby's father and step-mother.  They have a lovely backyard and a neighbor with a trampoline.  A trampoline - in and of itself - is awesome.  But this trampoline has been installed at ground level - which makes it extra awesome!

Magoo loves to bounce.  
And so do I!  

There's also a nice pond right in back.  We went on a lovely paddle boat ride with Grampy and Mike showed Magoo how to make leaf boats - so that took up a lot time.  We even stalked a poor toad trying desperately to hide.

We're not gonna hurt ya, Mr. Toad.

And there were lily pads.  Lots and lots of lovely lily pads.

I like my camera, but it's just a point and click.  Nothing fancy.  Certainly not an awesome zoom.  And OH how I wanted to zoom!  At the little park a couple houses down, there were a few boats that you could use.  My plan was to make one into a dock, of sorts.  I wasn't going to fully launch myself - I just wanted to get a little closer to the lily pads to get a good shot.

I stepped in and BLAMO!  I slipped all over the red slime that was in the bottom.  The result - red tush.
Charming.  But what amounts to humiliation for me always equals good blogging!  :)  Enjoy!

Here's one of the lily pad pics.  The mud washed out of the pants and I was only mildly bruised - so I guess it was worth it!

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Joan said...

Hey there-- It looks like we took the same week off for a driving road trip! Sounds like you had great fun - and I love that trampoline picture - it really goes with your ninja woman theme, don't you think?? :)