Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Underwear Drum Solo

These drums were a side-of-the-road "donation."  Magoo and I were driving along and there they were - along with some other things.  I thought, 'Hey - free drums!  That's a good way to find out if he's interested.'

I asked him if he wanted them and he said yes.  So I pulled over, gave them a thump and they sounded good.

When I got home I realized why these were on the side of the road - they didn't hold together very well.  Teh bard that held the smaller drums on were wonky.  But what fixes everything?  Duct tape!  So I duct taped these babies up so they're good and white trashy.  (I even used an old vitamin bottle to keep on in proper position.) And to complete the look, Magoo played them in his underwear in our basement.

Rock - n - roll!


Jessica said...

I think you have the next American Idol in your house! So very cool! What a great find!

You guys seem to have good garbage in the US, and good tag sales as well. I am always hearing about the great stuff Sara finds. I guess we are so poor up hear in Canada that we can't even part with good garbage.

I hope Magoo has lots of fun on his new kit:)

MIMI said...

This put a smile on my face from ear to ear. Its a true testimony that life can bring wonderful surprises if you are open and available to them. Your baby looks so happy here!

Jay said...

He ROCK! does he do bar mitzvahs?