Monday, September 8, 2008

Block Party

Yesterday was our neighborhood block party.  We've had a block party every year since we moved here - which means this was our sixth.  The first year I was pregnant and just meeting all the new neighbors.  It turned out to be pretty fun, so we've kept it going.

Last year we did a road race which was a big success.  This year we broke it up into 3 categories: little kids, big kids, adults.  I'm happy to say that Magoo won the Little kids division.  (I'm sad to say that I was MC-ing at the mic and I forgot to take a pic.)

But here he is with his trophy, slightly less thrilled b/c this is the third pic attempt.  "Oh, honey - the trophy was covering your smile.  Let me take another one."

He probably wanted to get back to riding his bike on the street.  For the kids, being able to play on the street is a very big thrill.

After an obstacle course and pizza, it was time for the Fifth Annual Talent Show!  Here's the audience.

And here's me belly dancing.

Will I regret posting a pic of me belly dancing on the internet?  Probably.  But then again, maybe I'll grow fat and stumpy and look back on this pic and think, "Oh yeah."

We had a water balloon toss.

Which quickly became a water balloon fight.  

And then some closing ceremony fireworks, before we all packed it in for the night.

Big fun.  I really love our neighborhood.


Joan said...

Belly dancing?!! You rock, lady!! I love that pic :)

sara said...

Wah! I'm so sad I missed the fun! It's all the boys talked about.... THE WHOLE WAY BACK FROM THE AIRPORT!!!!

Jessica said...

Ah, the joy and freedom of playing in the road! Yes, every kids dream! I still get a twinge of excitement when I get that chance as well!

You belly dance?! Wow Julie, you look fantastic!

Julie_c said...

Wow - post a pic of me shakin' it and I get three comments by 9am!!!

Beeny said...

You look GOH-JUSS! Shake it while you have it! Summertime is still on...what a lovely way to celebrate.