Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Check 1 Item Off The List

Ha-ha!  I have completed one item on my sewing list: Magoo's scarf!  

Yesterday was a broken up day.  Take Magoo to school, take Mom to airport, about 90 minutes of free time, babysit for a friend for 2 hours, about 60 minutes of free time, pick up Magoo, etc.

Somewhere in the 90 minute chunk I had a lightbulb moment - I can get started on the scarf!

This isn't a difficult project in the least.  I folded over the three fabrics so I had a double layer of 5 1/4" tall (with a fold on one side.)  Then I marked 5", 5", 5" across the length and cut.  Then I just sewed the blocks together, ironed the seams and sewed it lengthwise and turned it out.

Easy - it took both chunks of time though.

This was the starter fabric.  I picked this out first.

I tried to find another pattern to go with it but they all just seemed too busy and I was crammed for time at the fabric store - so I settled on solids.

As I was making it - I thought, What's he going to wear this with?  He has no jacket that this would work with.  He wears hoodie sweat shirts and athletic things like that.

So I added 3 more panels and made it long enough for me!

So we can share it now.

End note - sometimes my own vanity makes me laugh.  I had to go and put on lipstick so I could take this picture otherwise my lips don't really show up.  I once went out to get a passport photo taken but I didn't like it so I went to another place and got a better one taken.  Pathetic!

(I'm so vain, I probably think this post is about me.  :)


äiti said...

Love it---a Mommy and son scarf. I hope he wears it sometimes---it looks *so* cute on him!!

She probably thinks this comment is about la la

sara said...

Did you fly your Leer Jet up to Nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun?

You are too crafty! I gotta get on board!

How was ANTM tonight? forgot to tape it...