Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten, Part II

I got to the school to pick him up at least fifteen minutes early.  I couldn't stand it!!!  So I sat under a tree and waited as more and more parents rolled in.

Magoo came out, looking happy but tired and OH how I hugged that child!  He told me that he made a twister and has a new friend named Jeffery and had fun in gym class.  All such good news.

When we got home, he sat down to milk and some fresh baked cookies.  Because that's how all first days should end, right?

This is the drawing he brought home.  The big purple and blue thing is the Death Star.  And the smaller ship is Han Solo's ship.  And the Death Star is shooting a missile at it.  Now I couldn't see the missile, but he told me it was there so I'm going to go ahead and assume it either invisible or just really fast.

Then some buddies came over for some water fun.

Actually the whole neighborhood was outside today.  We had anywhere from four to eleven boys in our yard at any given time.  It was a little chaotic - but it was great.  And a excellent way to unwind from school!

All in all, I think Magoo had a very good day.


äiti said...

He looks very happy and satisfied.

Congrats on getting through the momentous first day!

Jessica said...

Aw, that is all so wonderful!!
He looks so happy with his milk and cookies. You are such a great mama!! Nice tablecloth by the way.

You can always count on Andrew being in the middle of water fun!

lynne said...

Glad things went well, he's off to a great start!