Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

It's finally here.  The first day of kindergarten.  Wow.

Of course - selfishly - I'm excited about having some time back.  But it is an emotional thing.  He's going to big kid school.  I'm not weepy.  But I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't be.  Magoo was excited, but scared too - I think.  He didn't say so - but you could just kind of tell he was trying not to think about it too much.

We did our annual photo on the stoop.

Here are some pics from the pre-school years.  Can you tell that my gardening has really slacked off this year?

I think he was quite proud of carrying his backpack all by himself as we rode in.

And - if you know me at all - it shouldn't surprise you that we were there WICKED early.  So he and his younger buddy hung out on the playground for awhile.

You can see the skull shirt in this pic but the shorts are also covered with little skull and bones.  I wanted him to illustrate his bad-ass persona right away.

And here's the line up.  This pretty much says it all for most of the kids.

Well, that girl in the corner seems alright.  But many of the boys were unsure.  Magoo was holding back emotions big time.

I can't wait to hear all about it.  The first few days may be a bit of a struggle - or they may not - but I think he's going to do great!


äiti said...

That just got shared baby. I have tears in my eyes.

What a beautiful post.

He is so grown up compared to the pics from pre-school!

And that photo of the kids waiting in line...heartbreaking and inspiring.

Beeny said...
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Beeny said...

Well you may not be teary-eyed, but I sure am after reading that! He is so big! And a bad ass to boot!

Can't wait for the next chapter of The Adventures of Kindergarten Magoo.

Jessica said...

You must be such a proud mama of your little man!

He is going to have so much fun on his new school adventures! I always get so nostalgic when I see kids going back to school and I remember how much fun I had.

Horay to you for having more free time to be creative and all!

The bottom photo of the awkward boys really got me in the heart, but it's funny because you know that by next week they'll all be chasing one another around the playground!!