Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Mish Mosh

Now that Magoo is settling into school - I am getting my arts and crafts groove back on.

My step-mother, Pam, thought some of the Shrinky Dink buttons I made would go well with her felted bags, so I made another batch for her.  (They're in the mail!)

My tomato plant.  This little beauty is ready to pick.  Maybe tonight!  I hope I don't forget she's out there.

Last week I dressed up one of Magoo's plain white T's with an iron-on of a collage a did a couple years back called Big Fish.  

I thought it turned out rather well and it inspired me to make a larger one for the November art show.  This one is called Little Boat, Big Fish.

Although, technically, a lobster and seahorse aren't considered fish.  Is an eel?  I don't know. This one is about 17" tall and 11" wide.  I bought a bunch of frames already so now I just make the art to match the size of the frame.

I'm pretty pleased with it.  And I'm even more pleased that I was able to work on a project for 4 hours.  That felt great!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


äiti said...

Dang is it Friday already?!

Love the buttons. How do they feel? Are they light or do they have some heft? The colors and shapes are awesome.

I bet it feels good to have some extended time to create. It feels great looking at the results :-)

Julie_c said...

The buttons are very light. I think you would use them more for decoration or holding down something light and soft. These aren't hardcore buttons.

Jessica said...

Funky buttons! I bet these will look really great on Pam's felted bags. They look like just the thing for felted bags!

I think that green tomato is calling out to be fried!

You make the greatest shirts Julie! I think the thing that makes them extra cool is that they are collages. Do you make a collage, scan it into the computer and then print it out on iron on paper? I might have to steel your idea!
Have you ever done any freezer paper stenciling? It's something I keep meaning to try.

Julie_c said...

Jessica - that's exactly what I do. (Steal away.) Make collage - scan - print on iron-on paper. And since I already have a lot of collages to choose form, I can whip one up pretty fast - which is nice.

I'm going to try to sell some T-shirts at my show and see how they do.

I've never dome freezer paper stenciling. SouleMama has it in her book and I've been meaning to try it too!

Shelley said...

Love the artwork! So fun, and the additional big fish are hilarious. WHy don't you design kids clothes too? Hello, Etsy...

I have never had luck with the iron on paper. What brand do you use? Mine always peel. I've tried Epson and Avery. I made a cool Warhol-esque photoshop of my son's 6 month headshot and it peeled off the shirt. Soooooo disappointing. Any tips?