Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frog In the Meadow

I'm gonna hit you with a little cute today. This is the song Magoo learned in his Kindergarten music class.

They lyrics are:

Frog in the meadow
Can't get him out
Take a little stick
and stir it about

I'm not sure how PETA would feel about it but I'm pretty sure it's an effective way to get the frog to move.


sara said...

Hey! We love that song! Cameron's performance is very impressive! He's got a pretty great music teacher!

THanks again for this a.m.! You're a life saver! Same time same bat channel next Thursday?

Jessica said...

Mmmmm, frog soup!
Be careful now, Pam Anderson could come knocking down your red front door!

Magoo sings the song so wonderfully! One can never get hit enough with the cute:)