Friday, September 26, 2008

Home Improvements

This is my house six years ago when we first moved in.  Just a nice, little Cape.  I think the white shutters were clean then - but about two years ago they were looking pretty dingy to me and I never thought white shutters on a pale gray house was the best look either.

So finally - after at least two years of whining and saying - I want to paint those - I painted them black.  (Michael and Magoo helped with painting the shutters, too.  I don't want to leave out the team!) I also painted the previously blue door red.  There was nothing wrong with the blue - I just thought red would look better with the black shutters.  So here's the house as of yesterday.

It's the same shot but it's much harder to see because that tree in the front yard SHOT UP!  It's a really good shade tree now.  (I used to put baby Magoo under it's small patch of shade in the summer.  Now we can fit a party of 20 under there!)

Here's a better shot of the new look.

I'm soooooo happy with it.  It's so nice to look at my home and think it looks nice as opposed to seeing all the flaws I want to fix.

Having a home means constantly working on it.  There will always be something to do, fix, update - but it feels really good when you get those things done and know you're giving some love to the best place in the world.


Jay said...

feel you on that Julie. If I actually made a list of all the things we want to do here, I would loose my mind.
We did paint the outside of our house this summer and am so very happy with it. My dad's color just had to go and I feel so much better driving up to my house. It's a nice feeling.

Jessica said...

It is hard work owning a house and you're right, it does feel really great when you put the time and love into making it better.

The black shutters and red door really perk your house up. The tree also makes your house more homey and I like the chairs out front. What kind of tree is that? I almost couldn't believe it was the same house with that big tree out front!

Natalie said...

Hmmm, is this an analogy to writing? If so, I need to spend more time painting...and off I go. :-)

sara said...

I drove by last night. The changes are quite striking. It looks really great! Good work! Now, what's next?

Julie_c said...

Well - I still want to paint the awning black - like my neighbor, Chris Zipp's house - but there are ladder issues. And I have to paint the shutters on the side of the house still. There's always more to do!

Julie_c said...

Jessica - Michael tells me the tree is a silver maple.