Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went down to Niantic and spent some time at the beach.  This boy is a beach boy so there's no keeping him away.

This shot was taken Saturday evening.  I had a jacket on, but Magoo was fully in the water.  (I never imagined he'd go in the water.  We didn't even bring a towel!  I had to wrap his naked boy in my coat when we left.)  

The next morning, it was quite a bit sunnier.  Magoo, the lifeguard, looks for danger on the beach.

And wouldn't you know it - the jellies were back.  Those darn jellies!  They were all over the place and you know some little one got me again on the back of my knee.  Doh!  This one was huge and disgusting!!!

Magoo found a lovely sand mermaid.  "Can I put a rock on it?" he asked, sweetly.  "Sure, honey," I said, wondering what creative place he would put it. Then he dropped the rock right in the middle of her face.

Michael pointed out that she looked like a sex doll mermaid after that.

I should add that this took place on Saturday evening after the beach was pretty much deserted.  So it's not like the creator of the mermaid was sitting six feet away when Magoo defaced it.

And eagle-eyes Michael spotted this prawn in the water and caught it.  It's going to be hard to see, but the thing can move.

Hope you all have a Happy Labor Day!


äiti said...

LOL!!! Dropped the rock right on the face. Love it.

Jessica said...

Julie, you are just like Sara. We were all at the beach in summer clothes, the boys were in the water and there was Sara snuggled up in her fleecy!
That is the sexiest sand mermaid I've ever seen. The rock completes the look!